Structured Finance Jobs



The Horizon Group offers an assortment of structured finance jobs. Structured finance is a sector of financial services created to help provide increased liquidity or funding sources to markets like housing and / or risk transfer. Liquidity and risk transfer is typically achieved in structured finance through securitizations of various financial assets (e.g. mortgages, credit card receivable, auto loans, etc.) which has helped to open up new sources of financing to consumers and businesses. We are experienced in placing executives along the entire events chain from underwriting to distribution and are seeking individuals with a strong financial background and experience for these executive level positions. Fill out the quick form on the right if you want to have one of our executive recruiters contact you about an open structured finance job in New York.


Please browse our structured finance jobs in New York by clicking on one of the job openings below or see our hot jobs for financial services. These are the type of jobs that we normally recruit for. If you are looking for this type of job, please submit your resume.


Structured Finance Analyst – TMT

Structured Finance Analyst – Financial Institutions

Structured Finance Credit Analyst – Healthcare

Collateral Analyst

Due Diligence

Transaction Manager

Surveillance Manager

ABS Finance