Contract Consulting and Temporary Staffing Services



Over 95% of all businesses tend to use temporary staffing / contract consulting to balance work force needs all year round. The Horizon Group is there when a company needs a solution for employees being absent, different work cycles, or starting up a new project that requires more temporary staff.

For job seekers, temporary assignments / consulting can provide flexibility to those who need to work around family or job commitments. Temporary and consulting assignments offer job candidates an opportunity to gain experience or exposure, maintain an income while searching for full-time work, and sharpen existing skills.

The Horizon Group offers employment opportunities in many industries across our practice areas, including Accounting + Finance, Accounting Support, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), Legal, and Office Support.

The Horizon Group knows the true value of good talent and we work to identify, refer, and retain only the best personnel. No matter the size or scope of the company’s need, we will provide you with skilled individuals – temp or contract – to keep your company productive and efficient today.