Executive Search Services



Since opening its doors in 1989, The Horizon Group has proven itself a leader in capital markets search and recruitment. The Horizon Group conducts its search practice both internationally and domestically, and is divided into four core business units. They are: 1) Capital Markets, 2) Corporate and Investment Banking,  3) Asset Management, and 4) Investment Banking Operations. Our client base includes some of the most well know firms on Wall Street and throughout New York.


Capital Markets

Capital markets can be defined as a market in which individuals and institutions trade financial securities. Organizations and institutions in the public and private sectors also often sell securities on the capital markets in order to raise funds. Capital markets can be composed of both the primary and secondary markets. Our client base includes some of the most well known firms on Wall Street.


Corporate and Investment Banking

Investment banking includes the development, marketing and trading of a large range of securities and other financial instruments on the world’s financial markets. These include equities, which are stocks or shares, fixed income or bonds, or based on commodities and currencies. It also involves the advisory of public and private entities surrounding the acquisition, divestiture or merger of assets or other private or public entities.

Corporate banking is defined as those products and services that relate to the lending activities between a bank and its clients.  This could be a simple secured or unsecured loan, or it could be a highly sophisticated structured finance transaction with many different banks or syndicates involved in the transaction. Cash management and trade finance also fall under the definition of corporate banking.


Asset Management

Often referred to as the “Buy-Side,” Asset management is a systematic process of investing, maintaining, and disposing of assets cost-effectively with the goal of a positive and rewarding return on the initial principle. The company or individual will invest on behalf of its clients and give them access to a wide range of traditional and alternative product offerings that would not be available to the average investor.


Investment Banking Operations

Operations professionals work with every business area to develop and execute the processes and structures that deliver smooth, accurate and timely completion on all transactions, thus, ensuring that every commitment the firm makes is delivered on time and within their budget in a fluid manner. Their work enables the company to conduct business globally, supporting, enhancing and optimizing the performance of the other divisions and helping to integrate new acquisitions smoothly.