9 11, 2018

The Sad Lack of Transparency in the Recruitment Process

Working recently on a search process with a trusted client has brought me to finally conclude no matter what side of the phone we are on, we all suffer from the trend of “no news means no news,” or worse – “no.”  I have been avoiding it, but now I admit […]

30 03, 2016

Why You Should Apply for that Quantitative Analyst Job

why apply for quant job

If you live in the financial world, you know you can’t go a day without a considerable amount of risk. It’s risky business to invest your money, either for yourself or other peoples’ money. In order to survive and navigate the complex and changing financial environment, institutions like […]

1 12, 2015

Will You Train For This Position?

Each day, I receive a vast amount of superior resumes. People who have gone to fantastic schools, achieved great honors, and have worked to develop back stories through internships and volunteer work. Yet, they are without jobs in this economy.

The noted economist Gary Shilling was on Bloomberg radio this morning speaking about many things and he swung to education at […]

19 11, 2015

The 3 Pillars of an Opportunity

3 pillars of opportunity

The Three Pillars of Opportunity

Every professional that connects with a recruiter with the idea that a better opportunity at one of their client companies is available through a working relationship deserves feedback on their submissions.  Recruiters should strive to provide feedback to every professional who applies to a […]

4 08, 2014

Top 25 Business Schools in the World Infographic

Business Insider conducted a survey of over 10,000 readers to see which business school they ranked the highest in the world. Probably to nobody’s surprise, Harvard University came in 1st. Stanford University was ranked 2nd, University of Pennsylvania 3rd, MIT ranked 4th, and to round out the top 5 the University of Chicago came in 5th. To see the complete […]

13 03, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Research a Company Before an Interview

research company before interviewYou’re always hearing about employers doing research on the candidate before and after interviews, whether it is Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. There have even been instances where the interviewing company has asked for the candidates’ Facebook password so they can look at their photos. Nothing can be more intimidating […]

19 12, 2013

9 Tips For Turning Your Temp Job into a Permanent One


9 Temp to Perm Tips
Being prepared and professional is just the beginning. Here are some tips that might help you get ahead in your goal for turning your temporary job into a permanent one.


  1. Use your contacts. While you’re looking for work (temporary or permanent), be proactive. Reconnect with former bosses and co-workers; they might prove invaluable when it comes to networking.
  2. For […]
18 12, 2013

Hiring Hotstove – Predictions for 2014

predictions for 2014Bonuses are being decided and overall the figures are OK. While we do not see a massive net increase in bonus dollars, (up 5 or so percent) we see some areas where bonuses are going to sag (fixed income is going to have a poor bonus cycle this year).  While […]

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