Sales + Trading

Managing Director, Head of Derivative Trading, Investment Bank

Managing Director, Head of CMO Trading, Investment Bank

Director, MBS Sales, Investment Bank

Agency CMO Trader/Structurer,  Broker Dealer

CMO and Whole Loan Trader/Structurer,  Global Bank

Director, Secondary Capital Markets Trader, Originator

MBS Salesperson  Broker Dealer

Head of Non Agency MBS Trading  Hedge Fund

Interest Rate Swaps and Options Trader  Yankee Bank

Director, TFI Salesperson  Global Bank

Director, Synthetic Correlation Prop Trading  Global Bank

RMBS Derivatives Trader  Global Bank

Agency CMO Trader  Global Bank

Director, Convertible Bond Trading  Boutique

Director of Japan Derivatives Sales  Hedge Fund (Tokyo)

Interest Rate Products Marketer Global Bank

ABS & MBS Product Mgr, Pacific Rim Global Bank, (Hong Kong)

Director, MBS, Hybrid Arms Trading Global Bank

Structured Finance

Sr ABS Banker, (Esoteric) Insurance Practice Global Bank

Commercial Finance Banker Yankee Bank

ABS Principal Finance Banker Global Bank

ABS Structurer  Global Investment Bank

Structured Products Manager  Global Bank

Head of Structured Finance  Global Bank

VP, RMBS Structurer, Global Bank Conduit

Director, Repurchase Manager, Global Bank

VP, Credit Risk, Investment Bank

Director, Credit Risk Yankee Bank

RMBS Residential Transaction Manager Global Bank


Managing Director/Global Head of Research  Hedge Fund

Director of CMBS research  Global Investment Bank


Director, Quantitative Analyst , Global Bank

Quantitative Analyst, Structured Products Asset Management Firm

Director, Vice President, Quantitative Analyst