3 pillars of opportunity

The Three Pillars of Opportunity

Every professional that connects with a recruiter with the idea that a better opportunity at one of their client companies is available through a working relationship deserves feedback on their submissions.  Recruiters should strive to provide feedback to every professional who applies to a posting that is placed on these pages, their websites, or any other of the usual job boards. We do as well. Many of those applicants in thanking us have asked to better understand our selection process.

While the job market has improved tremendously in the last 24 months, it is still a “buyer’s market” in today’s job arena. Through various channels, hiring managers have no shortage of candidates for any role they have open. They look at the resumes and then select only the most qualified to interview before making hiring decisions after numerous rounds of meetings.

In order to win your next career move at this point, view opportunity as a 3-pillared platform. One important piece is experience, another is skill set and the last is subject-matter expertise.  While there are other “soft” qualifications taken into account during the interview process, these three are counted on heavily in making an interviewing decision.  In the near-term employers ask executive recruiters to recruit talented professionals for open positions and present only the most qualified. And, the granular details of the positions found in the markets require a sophisticated knowledge-base.

It is possible to get an interview and a job when you are a strong 2 of 3 (think subject matter and skill set, or skill set and experience) but only if the client is willing to accept that. It is a good rule of thumb for recruiters to try and introduce some pros to the client that are 2 of three. In just about each case today, hiring managers are still saying “no thanks.” And, they will continue to do so until the balance of jobs vs. available talent continues to be tipped in their favor.

Importantly, clients are willing to pay a fee for the recruiter’s ability to locate professionals who are 3 for 3. Armed with the proper candidates, recruiters are very good at making presentations and managing candidates’ expectations. Further, they are confident in their attempts to influence hiring managers in making decisions!

Some market participants believe we are still in the consolidation phase of this cycle and the layoffs will continue as companies manage costs vs. revenues. So, we have ample supply around to fill any search. When the market improves, and demand for talent exceeds the supply, we will be able to help those who crave making a move to a role that takes into account a more lenient look at the 3-pillar concept.