Risk Based Attribution Supervision and Governance Job

The candidate will be joining a group at the cutting edge of regulatory reform across our client’s organization. The candidate will have the rare opportunity to shape and define strategy, whilst, ensuring their vision is achieved, sustained and governed.


Our client is fundamentally improving its Risk Based P&L Attribution capabilities and there is a requirement to deliver a supervisory framework allowing the realization of the following core objectives;

-Measurement: Deliver a comprehensive reporting framework in relation to the Risk Based P&L Attribution controls. This will include tracking performance against the agreed tolerance and escalation levels.

-Remediation: Deliver a framework to categorize known P&L attribution data quality issues into a set of consistent root cause observations. This information will form the basis for ongoing data quality remediation plans [examples would include, model, trade capture quality, market data capture and report consolidation issues]

-Prioritization: Manage the ongoing prioritization process in regards to data quality remediation plans, ensuring that CTB resource are aligned to the correct business and regulatory priorities.

-Organization: Define and agree the future organizational structure in regards to the ongoing management of the Risk Based P&L Attribution controls. This will include defining and agreeing a core set of role profiles, along with tracking the transition of the current organization into the desired end state.


The candidate will exhibit the following skills:


  • Strong understanding of Risk Based P&L Explain attributes
  • Have an excellent understanding of Operational Risk Management
  • Have outstanding presentation and data management skills, including the ability to forensically analyze large amounts of control data, highlighting trends and areas for concern.
  • Has a proven track record in developing and implementing strategies to improve control.
  • Has an understanding of a typical project life cycle, specifically has experience in requirement definition and testing.
  • Has excellent eye for detail, understands the principals of data integrity and completeness
  • Has keen emotional intelligence, and can apply this to drive forward deliverables across a diverse Global business model.
  • The candidate will have 7-10 years experience in Operational Risk, Middle Office, Product Control or Finance.