Loan Administrator Job


Loan Administrator Job Description: 

Administer multi-million dollar loan portfolio for Real Estate, Structured Energy Finance, Shipping, Transportation & Infrastructure Finance, Leveraged Loans and Structured Commodity Finance within the investment bank’s New York Branch.  Work closely with account officers, credit risk management (“CRM”), clients, agents, other lenders and LCM colleagues from the initial deal “pipeline” and Term Sheet through closing to ongoing maintenance of loans & letters of credit to the eventual pay-off of deals & facilities.  This entails gathering all information and paper work to support this process and the proper maintenance and storage of credit files, operational files, and credit/legal/loan documentation.


Job Duties + Responsibilities:

–  Review legal documentation, prepared by internal & outside counsel, for compliance with internal  policy and credit committee approval.

–  Review credit agreements and credit applications for any unique/onerous product features that would require special handling or booking in SAP-CML; alert LCM management and NPNM in event of servicing issues or concerns about ability to book the risks accurately in SAP-CML.

–  Prepare Loan profile (i.e. customer details, facility and financing details, fee structure, interest structure, banking/billing information and amortization schedules) for deals booked in SAP-CML.  This task includes reviewing the credit application, credit agreement, fee letter, anomaly letter and other legal documents.

–  Liaise with Account Officers, CRM & Asset Managers at closing and/or on restructuring to ensure all CP’s are met and funding is arranged with New York Treasury.

–  Create and maintain Loan Administration Term Sheets (“LATS”), credit and operational files in a central LCM location.

–  Process amendments, waivers, assignments & terminations in SAP-CML.

–  Process drawdowns, rollovers, resets, L/C issuances, L/C draws, etc. over the life of the deals.

–  Collection and matching of monies, including principal, interest, fees & commissions.

–  Reconciliation of cashflows & clearance of open items on the Nostro, Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fees Held, etc. accounts.

–  Management of the various Scheduled Activity and Past Due queues in SAP-CML.

–  First-level input to the Sunrise/Sunbrain system, which monitors adjustments made to the loan portfolio that could potentially be harmful to the State Guarantees.

–  Review of trade confirmations, assignment agreements and funding memos associated with secondary loan trading, assignments and/or syndications within the portfolios.

–  Daily liaison with Borrowers, Lenders, Participants, Finance, Treasury, IT, Account Officers, etc. (as required, to furnish a professional and high-quality processing service)

–  Work with management, internal auditors, external auditors and regulatory examiners to facilitate the examination process by providing audit reports, work papers, and responding to examiner’s questions, comments and/or recommendations.

–  Assistance with projects and other one-off initiatives, as directed by Team Leader and/or Head / Deputy Head of Loan & Collateral Management, New York.





–  College degree with a solid GPA preferred.

–  One to five years experience in loan administration supporting a variety of commercial and syndicated lending activities.

–  Familiarity with loan documentation and LSTA rules is essential.

–  Some working knowledge of drafting, reviewing and issuing Standby Letters of Credit.

–  Individual must be well-organized, able to multi-task with excellent problem-solving and communication skills (oral and written).

–  Willingness to work under pressure with deadlines.

–  Strong team player with the ability to collaborate with colleagues internationally and with sensitivity to customer needs.

–  An understanding of general accounting principles would be helpful.

–  He/she must be PC-proficient and able to work confidently with a wide range of applications & software products (such as Word, Excel, Intralinks, DebtX and ClearPar).


Previous experience working with SAP-CML or other SAP products would be extremely beneficial.


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