Head of North American Cash Credit Markets


Description of position:

This is a key, strategic position reporting directly to the Head of U.S. Markets. The successful candidate will possess the right blend of experience, expertise and personality to drive the growth of the Cash Credit business. The pro must possess an excellent understanding of the buy-side. This position requires strong business insight, a clear vision for the value and application of e-relationships with key members of dealer trading and sales desks, the new hire will have a deep understanding of trading solutions, and an ability to marshal resources from the company to help deliver a world-class product that takes an increasing share of the overall trading market.



— Drive the growth of the Cash Credit business, delivering the required returns on investment, building market share, and enhancing the reputation of the brand in North America;
— Skillfully manage the Cash Credit team, motivating staff and encouraging staff by example to outperform in their duties;
— Work closely with our CDS sales team to deliver an impactful product offering;
— Communicate effectively with internal groups to drive consensus on business direction, seek input and share knowledge to ensure a cohesive sales and product development strategy.
— Co-ordinate closely with key individuals in the global offices, especially the Cash Credit team in the U.K., to ensure a consistent strategic approach to the business that reduces any potential growth friction.
— Assist in specifications for Cash Credit product including research, writing and delivery/coordination with product development.
— Develop and maintain relationships with a broad range of external stakeholders on the buy-side and sell-side, who should be visited on a frequent basis (at least quarterly for the major buy-side accounts; more frequently for sell-side).
— Work closely with all the key internal stakeholders, including product management, marketing, communications, finance, and legal.
— Cement firm’s position as a Cash Credit market leader by demonstrating a deep understanding of the competitive environment and the key points of product differentiation;
— Develop a thorough understanding of development processes and requirements; work closely with the technology teams to harmonize product development.
— Build a comprehensive understanding of operational requirements i.e. STP requirements for both clients and banks.
— Prepare and provide regular management information; update relevant teams and senior management regularly.



— Detailed knowledge of the Cash Credit Buy side Customer Base.
— Thorough understanding of Cash Credit trading/e-commerce
— Ability to drive and execute a product development / sales strategy
— Excellent communication and presentation skills
— Results focused
— Commitment to achieving high standards
— Team-player; effective communicator


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