executive recruiters in new yorkI’ve had the pleasure to work closely with 2 of the best executive recruiters in New York this past year. After signing on with The Horizon Group almost a year ago as the Manager of Online Recruitment and Marketing, I’ve been able to soak up a world of information. These guys really know their niche. Who am I talking about, you ask? I’m talking about Eric Grell and Tom Angello. Two avid sports fans, who are really really good at what they do.

Eric Grell – His profile as our company puts it:

With an understanding developed through 16 years working at JP Morgan Chase Private Bank as a Vice President, Eric specializes in full cycle recruitment of investment banking candidates into positions from entry level to senior level executive roles within structured finance, loan administration, relationship management, credit and trade finance.

Prior to becoming an executive recruiter, Eric handled sensitive and high level portfolios of high net worth individuals, family offices and corporate executives where he was responsible for maintain the client’s vast banking relationship. Eric’s background as a relationship manager allows him a unique perspective from a recruiter’s point of view when recruiting for our clients.

That’s the description we’ve given him as Director of Recruitment for The Horizon Group. What the description doesn’t tell you is the wealth of knowledge he possesses about corporate and investment banking jobs. He will not only find the right candidate for his clients, but he takes the time to fully prepare that candidate for interviews. His years at JP Morgan Chase has allowed him to pass on knowledge that hiring managers need to hear about that particular candidate’s background during an interview. We’re not like many firms that send in your resume without even speaking to you. We take the time to source and prepare our candidates. Eric truly cares about all the individuals that pass by his desk.

Tom Angello – His profile as our company puts it:

Thomas is a founding member of The Horizon Group with more than 25 years invested in the Executive Search business, with the last 20 in Taxable Fixed Income Sales and Trading.  Originally planning to further his studies in Industrial Psychology after obtaining his undergraduate degree from City University, he was lured into Wall Street search practices by the opportunity to develop a research department for one of the early boutique-style participants in the space.

A partner at THG since 1995, he discovered early on by emulating Investment Banking’s approach to developing relationships, he could make an impact helping client companies achieve their goals in hiring and retaining top talent within Taxable Fixed Income.  Once an aspiring musician, when not spending time with his family, he can be found in front of a microphone singing classic rock covers or offshore fishing for tuna or other pelagic species.

That’s the description our company has given him as Managing Partner of The Horizon Group. Tom HAS to be one of the most knowledgeable executive recruiters in the fixed income space. I mean, the guy really knows his stuff. If you get him going, he can make you think he was sitting next to you at the office with all that he knows about what is going on in the marketplace today. He takes the time to get to know a candidate before he can submit them for a role. Tom won’t submit a resume to a client unless 1) he has talked to the professional, and 2) he or she is a good fit for the role. Believe me, it’s not easy to find the right fit for the fixed income, asset management, capital market roles that he has.

Just because Eric and Tom are the best executive recruiters in New York, doesn’t begin to explain why I’m writing a paragraph or two about them. They are easy to work with, easy to talk to, and fun guys. Those moments where they have an opportunity to talk about something other than work are spent talking about the future of the Mets, or if the Rangers hired the right coach, or whether the Knicks might actually win it all next year. They will even spend a moment lamenting about the Jets! Being the new guy within a company isn’t always easy, but these two executive recruiters have helped me feel welcomed into this company from day 1. I appreciate all their hard work from a business standpoint, and I appreciate all their hard work from a personal standpoint.