executive search firm in new yorkIs your investment bank or financial organization seeking exceptional candidates to fill your job opening? Don’t have the time or resources to recruit? It may be time to contact an executive search firm in New York, like The Horizon Group. Here are 7 advantages of using an executive search firm for your company’s job vacancies.


1.      You get the best available talent, not just the talent that has responded to your job opening

Job postings can be effective for certain roles, but they only reach candidates that are actively pursuing a new role. Often, the best candidate is the passive candidate that may not be looking for a job, but when presented with a better job opportunity, will entertain the idea. We use our extensive network to find excellent passive and active job candidates.

2.      The return on investment will be much higher when you utilize an executive search firm

It’s that old saying; you get what you pay for. A good candidate will pay for themselves. The quality of job candidates will be higher if you seek the help of an executive search firm.

3.      Your company is unique and your search should be too

A good executive search firm will approach the search with a fresh perspective. It’s about catering to your company’s needs and finding the perfect solution to the job opening. Your company’s success is the most important thing when finding the right candidate.

4.      Good executive search firms are transparent

You don’t have to guess what your recruiter is doing. Your executive search recruiter is trustworthy and upfront about the talent and candidates that they are presenting to your company. Candidates on paper might look great, but we screen the candidates to fit your role exactly in terms of how successful they will be at your company. Just ask us about the candidate between the time they are submitted and you decide to see them. We will tell you why we referred them.

5.      Don’t settle for less

Research is the key to a great executive search firm. We know who the “A” players are in the industry, engage them, and make them excited about the job opportunity presented to them.

6.      What is your company trying to accomplish by hiring this candidate? Is the candidate you are seeking the candidate you need?

We like to ask the client why they are seeking a particular talent.  A good Executive Search firm will ask questions about the goals of your company and partner with you to find the talent that you need to move forward, not just provide you with resumes that match certain keywords or bullet points.

7.      Decrease the clutter and increase the quality

The 200 applications/resumes you receive from your job posting may seem like you’ve hit the jackpot, until you start sorting through them to find that few if any will match your needs.  You can’t afford to be wasting time sifting through your inbox when you could’ve utilized that time to grow your business. We bring you candidates that have been researched, interviewed, and screened for success.


— These are only a few of the advantages to using an executive search firm.  If you have questions about your search and are looking for talent solutions, please contact us at info@www.thehorizongroup.com, fill out our online contact form, or call us at 212-324-9700.